[TOKYO] DUST BAG DIY KIT - The Shibuya Bag


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Time to make: 3 hr. BASIC SEWING REQUIRED

This kit includes: Leather drawstring x1, Short size piece x2, Long size piece x2, Top leather piece x2, Leather piece template x2, Bottom leather piece x2, Short leather strap x1, Wide shoulder strap x1, Cutting template x1, Bottom insert x1, Screw x4, Small leather piece(4-hole) x2, Screwdriver x1, Marking pen x1, Stabilizing pin x4, Leather rope x2, C shaped hook x1, Thread & needles.

 Dust bag is NOT included. You need to prepare and measure your dust bags. 

Dust bag guide: We recommend you source dust bags with the following dimensions for optimal results:
Length: Minimum 10 Inch (26 cm)
Height: Minimum 10 Inch (26cm)

Strictly no returns/no refunds/no exchanges.