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About us

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Founded by two siblings who don’t really have a lot of things in common, except one – they have a corner just for all the shopping paper bags from their shopping trips, thinking they might be of use some day…but they just keep piling up. 

One day the younger sibling decided to evaluate all of the things she owned (ie the throw-or-keep dilemma) and pondered over the paper bag corner again – that was when she decided she wanted the handbags/purse to look nice enough so they’re not forgotten in that corner anymore.

The siblings then sought to gather the materials needed to transform and rework the paper bags into a nice tote they can carry outdoors - but buying the tools one by one proved to be a hassle. That was when they thought, why not make a one stop shop that provides all of the items needed for a DIY tote kit?

That is how Totery came to life. At this time of uncertainty, we want you to stay safe but also want you to have some DIY fun at home with your loved ones. We want to be the platform that makes your life simpler, and we strongly believe that everything you own has a value - anything can be transformed into your very own art. It's all about restyling, reusing, recycling, and reworking! 

Our DIY tote tool kit will let your paper bags emerge again, reimagined and renewed, and you don’t have to worry about gathering tools anymore because we have what you need to get started. You just need to get your shopping paper bag from your cabinet (or drawer), follow our easy step-by-step tutorial and have fun creating your very own DIY tote! 

Oh, there’s one thing we forgot to mention – the siblings share the love of three cats and a dog in their household. As big supporters of animal adoption, a portion of the earnings would be donated towards The Animal Foundation to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals.