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About us

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Founded by two siblings who don’t really have a lot of things in common, except for  one – they have a corner dedicated to the shopping bags collected over the years, and two – they enjoy a good DIY at home. 


After re-evaluating the things they owned (the throw-or-keep dilemma), they've decided to rework their long forgotten paper bags into a tote that is nice enough to carry outdoors, and months later, the Totery came to life and became the first in America to provide a one-stop DIY shop, with the belief that everything has a value and can be recreated into everlasting memories for everyone. 


Our kits have all the tools you will need to let your paper bags emerge again, reimagined and renewed. Just get your paper bag from your cabinet (or drawer), meet our kit selection, follow our easy step-by-step tutorial and have fun creating your very own DIY tote! (We also have a not so secret accessory cove to spice up your DIY experience)


Oh, there’s one thing we forgot to mention – the siblings share the love of three cats and a dog in their household. As big supporters of animal adoption, a portion of the earnings would be donated towards The Animal Foundation to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals.